As much as we enjoy all the complexities of design, sometimes the mission is
simple: Riff on a classic, and go all-in on comfort. That was always our approach
with this new shoe. Merging a timeless silhouette and modern design,
the Cruise Knit Driver is primed for lightweight, casual wear throughout
warmer weather. Inside and out, it’s a shoe that feels as good as it looks.
Why Knit?
Compact performance knit uppers bring just the right
amount of structure while retaining an airy breathability
and softness across your foot.
Travel Light
Low-profile, anti-slip rubber soles with raised
grip points give these practical function and
lightweight versatility.
Drive On
Popularized in Italy in the 1960s, the driver was
designed to do just that—slip on, pedal down,
take in the open road.
Designed in Three Colors
Weekend Spirit
Ready to do it all, or do nothing at all.
Workday Sharpness
Clean, crisp and casually refined.
Up For Anything
Dressed up or down, slip on and go.
Keep It Fresh
Machine Washable
Pull out the insoles and throw them in the wash. Let them air dry, pop them on, and they’ll be feeling as good as new, no matter how many paces you’ve put them through.
Keep It Fresh
Socks Optional
Made with an antimicrobial liner and a breathable design so you can forego the socks without fear. When it’s time for a refresh, see: Machine Washable.
The Lineup