Artisan CraftedCashmere

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Comfort, in a Class of Its Own

Once you’ve experienced the finest cashmere, there’s no going back. In softness and comfort, warmth and functionality, it simply rises above the rest. Our Artisan Crafted styles represent our most elevated designs shaped by this treasured material. From fiber to yarn, knitting bed to handcrafted details, they’re a commitment to quality, and an investment in luxury that lasts.

Start with <br>the Best

Start with <br>the Best

Each of these designs starts with fibers measuring just 15.5 microns in diameter, about five times finer than the average human hair. The fibers are spun into yarn and knit into a midweight 12-gauge fabric that makes these styles icons of versatility and three-season layering.

Cashmere<br> Sweaters