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Our brand ambassadors are rightfully known for their ability on the course. They’re also great guys to hang out with off it. We recently sat down with Brandt Snedeker, a nine-time PGA Tour winner, and the 2012 FedEx Cup Champion. Brandt’s been on board with us since 2012, and we wanted to check in with him to get his thoughts on all things style, both on and off the course.
A very big thank you to Brandt for taking time out of his busy Tour schedule to chat.
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Q: Who were your golf style icons?

A: You look at the Ben Hogans of the game and the Byron Nelsons, all these great champions, the way they carried themselves on the golf course. They reflected a sense of cool, calm under pressure, and to me it looked like they deserved and wanted to be where they were. And I think style reflects that, right? You see people that just look like they belong in the clothes they wore. Those guys kind of epitomize that for me.

Q: Do you find a connection between a golfer’s style and the way they play the game?

A: Definitely for some guys. A lot of people on tour will wear clothes that say, “Hey, look at me,” you know, “Watch me play golf. I want the eyeballs on me right now,” kind of thing. You definitely see that reflected in style. And you have the Ben Hogan ilk, who just wear a white shirt and khaki pants everyday. I just want to do my job, go out there and be who I want to be. I’m the kind of guy that falls in between. I’ll wear some risky stuff. And then I also wear the classic stuff that I have grown to love too. I think more than anything, when you see a golfer, their style of golf, typically it’s their personality coming out.

Q: Is your on-course style consistent with what you wear off the course or do you consider these two different areas?

A: No, I think it’s very consistent. This is why I love being with Peter Millar and why I’ve been with y’all for so long it’s because I wear the stuff at home when I’m off the golf course. Your line is so versatile. Your dress clothes are exactly what I would wear whether I was with Peter Millar or not. Your golf clothes are the exact clothes I wear everyday on course or at home practicing. I’m probably one of the few guys on tour who’s fortunate in that aspect. You make a style that fits every aspect of my life and the way I want to look—clean, classic, to go from the boardroom to the first tee and not skip a beat.

Brandt Snedeker

Q: How were you first introduced to Peter Millar?

A: It was Scott Mahoney. I ended up going a different way when I turned professional, but kept in contact with Scott. And, you know, when I moved away from another brand that I had for my first five or six years on tour, I reached out to Scott. So we started talking and it just went from there. And it's funny, you know, I've been along with y’all for so long that I've seen this grow from a five page catalog when we first started together to seeing the brand explode. It's been fun.

Q: You've seen a lot of improvements and innovations in our product and styling and point of view. What are some of those that you've noticed?

A: I think the two biggest things that I've taken away in the last probably six, seven years is the performance wear that y’all make. When I first came on, it was all cotton. And now it's a night and day difference between how much cooler I feel on the golf course in the middle of summertime and how much better the clothes look under those circumstances. And then obviously taking that down to the dress shirt world and having button-downs with that performance fabric that don't wrinkle, that look great straight out of the suitcase. It's a total different ball game.

Q: What’s your signature color?

A: I’ve always been a very bright color guy. I like wearing the pinks and the yellows. It’s those kinds of bright floral colors I love wearing just because I feel like it adds some color to the golf course and I can pull them off relatively well.

Q: Stripes, prints or solids for polos?

A: I’m more of a solid guy. I stay away from stripes, but I will do prints. I know the super thin stripes, they’re all clustered together and they might get mushed out on TV— you look like a big blob of something walking down the fairway. So I’ve learned if you’re going to wear stripes, you gotta wear them really far apart with TV cameras.

Q: Quarter-zips, full-zips or crewneck?

A: I’m a zip guy—I love the quarter-zip. I wear ‘em all the time. They’re great for just about any circumstance. You can walk into a very fancy dinner with a quarter-zip sweater on and look great. You can walk into a football game and look great. I always pack one when I’m playing on the road. I can always pull that off and know that it’ll look appropriate.

Q: Do you or any of the other players talk about clothing when you’re out there, or with your caddy or your coaches?

A: Absolutely. I don’t know how many ambassadors you have on tour now, but if I see someone else wearing something that I don’t have, it’s always, “Make sure I get one of these sent to the house.” You guys are always pushing the envelope a little bit, trying new things that feel better, look better and work better on a golf course. I remember when y’all went to five pocket [performance pants] for the first time. You changed the fabric, made them stretchy and breathable so that you wouldn’t be super hot in them. That was a big advancement in style on the PGA tour. We talk about how certain looks feel comfortable, what’s going on with the cut of clothes.

Brandt Snedeker

Q: And you have a strong belt game...

A: So this whole belt thing started—I was with my brother playing golf about a year ago. And he had that multicolored belt that I love, and I looked at it and I'm like, “What kind of belt is that?” He goes, “It’s Peter Millar.” And I was like, “What? That’s a Peter Millar belt?” So I called y’all straight away. I couldn't believe it when I saw that it goes with everything. You’d think a multicolor belt would be the last thing in the world you would wear with a bunch of different clothes. All of the Peter Millar guys [on Tour] go “well we know not to wear the multicolor woven belt, that’s your belt. Okay. We got it. We understand.”

Q: Are there some favorite Peter Millar pieces that you like to wear off the course?

A: Some of the new [Seaside] fabrics y’all have made are phenomenal. I love wearing those things on the beach because they breathe really well. You can wear out at dinner, you look great either way. Winter time, as I told you, I'm a quarter-zip fiend. I mean quarter-zip sweaters just about every time I leave the house. And then we have a farm outside of West Nashville where we go a lot in winter time and do some hunting and fishing, so I've gotten into your flannel shirts that time of year. Great cold weather stuff. My whole closet’s all Peter Millar.

Q: How's your approach to style on the course evolved over the years?

A: When you're young, you're willing to try anything. You don't really care what you look like. As I’ve gotten older. I've kind of come into more of what my style is and what I feel comfortable in. And you guys helped me craft that, sitting down with stylists every year, drafting for the majors, for the next year. Kind of getting a sense of what I like and what I don't like. You guys helped me craft a style in a sense—I didn't really have one before I got involved with you. It's been a fun journey for me.

Q: What about fit?

A: Your fit’s changed, right? It’s almost a European-style look with a blend into American style. Your shirts are fitted, tailored almost to your shoulder width so they look right on you. Most people wear shirts that are way too big for them, or way too small. And there's no in between. I see guys wearing shirts that are way too small for them, or they're enormous. You have done a great job kind of tailoring your fits to where it can make anybody's style look pretty good as long as you have the right size. So it's been fun for me to see that change too.

Q: So next fall will be our 20th year as a brand. Are there any things you think about with our clothing that you’d like to see or you'd like to see more of?

A: I'm a big fan of the pocket on the polos. I'd love to see that retro one come back. I feel like a pocket on a golf course just looks kind of natural and cool. I still have some from the old days in my closet that I wear around town. That was a great look, something classic. You’ve made so many advancements in technology when it comes to shirts that I wouldn't want you to throw back to the old [fabrics], because it's so good now. It makes you feel so cool in the middle of the summer, so warm in the middle of the winter and you’ve got so many different styles for different occasions. It used to be one shirt fits all and that's not the way it is anymore, which is great.

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Brandt Snedeker
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