Size Chart

Youth Body Measurement

Body Measurements

Measurements shown on the size chart are body measurements that correspond to the best size. Please follow the instructions below the chart to pinpoint measurements for a perfect fit.

Youth Sizing
Size XS S M L XL
Height 46-50 IN 50-54 IN 54-58 IN 58-62 IN 62-66 IN
Weight 40-50 lb. 55-65 lb. 70-80 lb. 85-95 lb. 100-110 lb.
Chest 22 IN 24 IN 28 IN 32 IN 36 IN
Waist 22-23 IN 24-25 IN 25.5-26 IN 27 IN 29 IN
Inseam 19 IN 24 IN 26 IN 27 IN 28 IN
To obtain the chest measurement, begin an inch below the armhole and measure around the circumference of the body covering the broadest part of the chest.
Locate your waistline measurement by bringing the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your torso.