About Us

"Setting the Standard” is not just a statement at Peter Millar. It is a culture in which we hold each member of our company accountable for bringing sophistication, elegance, and timelessness to the products we design and distribute. We strive to “Set the Standard” in Corporate Responsibility by maintaining an open door policy with all employees and providing clear guidelines to our vendors through our Vendor Compliance Program.

Peter Millar vendors must treat their employees in a legal, ethical and equitable manner. Peter Millar seeks to do business with vendors who comply with the laws of the United States, as well as the countries in which Peter Millar products are produced. In addition, we expect all vendors to comply with the Code of Conduct and Labor Standard (“the Code”), as stated in our Vendor Compliance Manual. Any violation of these laws or the Code may be viewed as a breach of the Vendor Compliance Contract and could lead to the termination of the business relationship between Peter Millar and the vendor.

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