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Brands We Love

These are just a few of our favourite things

Imagine: You’re on the bench of a NCAA basketball game with the players, with the head coach, seeing the action from an insider’s viewpoint. Coaching for Literacy offers just such an opportunity, in turn raising funds to support effective local literacy programs. Peter Millar has teamed up with Coaching for Literacy in their efforts to support literacy programs for youth across the nation.

It’s true: oxygenated bleach has chlorine bleach manufacturers fretting. People now have access to a variety of safe, alternative bleaching products for their homes and can achieve the sparkling clean they love without risking their family’s health and well-being. 

A well made pair of shoes and eyeglasses go beyond utilitarian value to express personality and complete a look. This fall, we connected with our friends at SALT., a refined independent optics maker, to add the finishing touches to our sartorial looks.

How to improve your on your backyard party or tailgate? Make sure you have a YETI Cooler on deck. Power packed with over twice the insulations most standard coolers, these coolers are the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Baxter of California is one of the original men's grooming brands created by Baxter Finley in 1965. Cutting edge for its time, it started with a single product: Super Shape, a men's skin conditioner that offered protection from the sun and sea. This gender-specific breakthrough was no gimmick.

One of the backdrops of our Fall catalog is the incomparable Broadfield, Sea Island's Sporting & Hunting Club located 45 minutes south of the resort grounds in a sweeping spread of 5,800 acres.