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Outfitting Team USA For The Walker Cup

Belt Buckle

Golf is a sport that never allows you to rest on your laurels. No matter how well you’ve been playing, how many championships you might have won in the past, every time you step up to the first tee, it’s a clean slate. The constant hope is to have your best stuff click at the right time, to peak when it counts.

In the highest level of men’s amateur golf, the dream is for that peak play to sync up in time to earn a coveted spot on the Walker Cup team for the biennial match.

Belt Buckle
Closeup of Green Peter Millar Walker Cup Blazer Closeup of Green Peter Millar Walker Cup Blazer Closeup of Green Peter Millar Walker Cup Blazer

Donning one of the iconic green blazers is an immense honor that immediately puts you into elite company for life. From legends of the game to current touring professionals to accomplished businessmen, Walker Cup alumni span the who’s-who of the golf landscape, including many responsible for steering the game as we know it today.

First contested in 1922 at National Golf Links of America, the match represents the world’s oldest international team golf competition, predating the Ryder Cup by five years. The teams are made up of 10 amateurs each from the United States and Great Britain & Ireland, organized by the USGA and the R&A. On Saturday, the day begins with four foursomes matches, with eight singles matches in the afternoon. On Sunday, it’s another set of four foursomes, and 10 singles in the afternoon to finish.

It’s more than just a competition, though. From opening ceremonies to final handshakes, fighting for your teammates and representing your country with passion and dignity, the match is a model of diplomacy and exemplifies the value of sportsmanship. The festivities of the week are all about togetherness and fellowship leading to bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

Two Peter Millar Walker Cup Apparel Items

As part of our partnership with the USGA, we have the unique honor of outfitting Team USA for the 49th Walker Cup Match in St Andrews at The Old Course. Given the historic nature of the venue, we were inspired to curate styles fit for the match’s return to the home of golf for the first time since 1975.

Two Peter Millar Walker Cup Apparel Items

We set out to create a complementary scripting for the week that represents both timeless appeal and modern relevance, much like the match and the course itself. Our teams sat down together along with Captain Mike McCoy to home in on head-to-toe looks for the team to compete in and wear during the ceremonies. Each of the players will receive a morning and afternoon look during every day of competition, as well as custom bags, headcovers, footwear and hats from our friends at G/FORE.

USA Peter Millar Walker Cup Golf Bag Peter Millar Walker Cup Hat Peter Millar Walker Cup Club Covers

Golf style is not static, nor should it be, but we strongly believe there’s an important thread of measured originality and quality craftsmanship that remains constant, linking past to present. In our lineup for the week, bespoke cashmere pieces and natural fiber-based classics align with signature performance designs to tackle skittish Scottish conditions in stride.

Kitted out in requisite reds, whites and blues, Team USA will take to the links in September to etch their names in history. Here’s hoping they raise the cup in style, and remind everyone in the process why we all love this special game so much.

Colored Sketch of Five Golfers wearing Walker Cup Apparel